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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 4, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> tonight the bay area protest movement. is the message getting lost? you'll hear from demonstrator looking for a better way. >> storm clean up after rain. a group of merchants is back to work, but not yet open for business. >> what a mess in southern california. we're live from the scene o a massive mudslide that inundated a small town. >> a new technology for preventing pregnancy. this method is for men. >> sky 7 hk is live tonight over downtown oakland. another night of protests is getting underway now. a new
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demonstration around the country. good eveng, i'm i'm dan ashley. >>irst, the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. now, the choke hold arrest of an african american suspect that later died in custody the grand jury refused to return an indictment. but the message m be getting lost. >> they just lef from the area behi me with a police escort. in act he ti vifts do believe it's a good thing, but worry, sometimes, if they getout of hand the message does get lost. >>his is the demonstration many have been caling for in oakland loud, clear, but nonviolent.
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civil obedience without destruction. >> they ould continue for as long as it takes. >> the bay area leader for the stop mas incarceration network organized the peaceful demonstration. >> when this is presented in front of people, people cannot just ignore it. cannot pretend it's not going on. that starta conver tags. >> oaklan police ishe co-founder of the black lis matter movement. including a hash tag being used around the country. and participated in the protest. >> we've done work t make sure folks also take that off line. >> this is where we prep the food in the back.
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>> jason ran for mayor of oakland. he thinks they have some vae andersonas not participated in street mars. >> i'm not saying don't demonstrate. or don't prott. use your voice but after that day, or two days, week, continue to organize. don't just stop you're because you're angry. do it because you want to see change. >> we're back live now on 14th and broadway. and there is a westide movement and what we've seen last couple nights is that they go over to the side of oaand and will pick up numbers folks will starto walk with them. mayb 2, 300 in the crowd z again,any hoping that tonight's protest like last
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night, rains peaceful. >> thank you, laura. here is a demonstration in uc berkeley that wrapped up today a rally againspolice prosecute talt. hundreds of students gathered ouide of the golden bear cafe to cnt "black lives matter" and sing civil rights songs. >> tonight police arrested a woman accused of running over an officer this morning. the officer is in the hospital with serious, but nonlife threatening injuries. officers were checking a car with two people inside. the woman took off in the car, hitting one officer. police say they fired at the car in self-defense the vehicle was reported stolen last fall, and later found abandod in oakland. >> throughout the bay area, people are still cleaning up after two days of stormy
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weather. city crews in san francisco continue to clean flooded busisses other crews are busy repairing a massive sink hole that opened on lake street. hi, tiffany. >> it's bece a neighborhood attraction but if you take a look behind me, you can see crews have made progress and started laying in pipes >> this sound drowns o casual conversaon. the sink hole isn't the only sewer-related set back. you can find evidenc of the aging system failures. he mans to clean and donate
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damage merchandise. next door, they estimate the damage at $100,000. muchmerchandise, destroyed by sewage tainted water. last time, it says they took six months to pay the claim. >> i find that more frustrating. the length o time to help us coop our losses. >> pogress is evident. stable staff yeah's kich kwen los better, but still, nowhere near ready for customers. marianne wants the flood to stop. >> interruption in business is a burden. >> the public utilities commission says they offered grants to help install back flow last year.
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robertson says she loed into it and asked abo installing a back flow preventer. for now, crews dominate near the sidewalks the fourth flood in recent years. anbusiness owners say onlythe city can prevent a fifth. >> right now, we're monitoring a water main bre in san francisco. this is on brotherhood way there is no water service to the st. thomas moore catholic school the congregation, or the brand day school. >> the live doppler 7 hd now. a live picture from the camera in san francisco. after another day of scattered showers there is more wet weatr due in the bay area
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tomorrow. and this won't pick us out of the drought, but will help. >> yes. we'll show you we're dry, but tracking a storm that is approaching from e west. hereis a cold front that will ing us storm from urban flooding. there is a chance of lightning strikes tomorrow. throughout the day, storms spread and by 3:0 we're tracking areas of heavy rain. we'llalk about the cold front and a sronger storm in the accu-weath forecast coming up in just a moment. >> thank you. >> getting aund mill valley has be a headache.
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and sveral streets were closed because of the flooding. these cars have been stranded and high tides threatened three more carsarked there today. several people had to wade through water t get to work. >> there isery little shopping today, seral stores spent the day mopping up. abc7 news h a look at the efforts. >> it's a security camera designed to catch burglars this mass is only the beginning ofer troubles >> just unbelievable. >> her salon and spa look like a construction one. >> i was disappointed andupset. this is ourbiggest time of the
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year. >> the owner spent the day cleaning and estimating damage weefrment estimatin over $100,000 >> lopez owns a window treatment buness, misfortune of leaving computers on the floor when the water came. now? >> new computers are on the way. >> this is a source of the problems a county-operated pumping fish and means the state couldn't put wateinto the creek, then, the ba the county looked and was doing what it called failure analysis. we have a big mess. >> and shsays she'll hav sandbags. >> there is a mess to cln up in southern california tonight.
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this is video from hemet. crews called in with flash flooding overnight. triggering a massive mudsli in a town of gillmanot springs. rob? >> well, the fiefr department says it's amazing that no one was hurt outhere, especially given the size of the mudslides. we should point out that i would have been standing in theiddle of a busy highway. it's covered in several feet of mud, and could with days before cleaned up. >> it's bn a busy couple days >> extremely. >> this is one of several cars
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he's had to dig out after an hour of digging, success. he says the dryer described what it looked like. >> looked like universal studios tour ride. it's just mud. >> scary >> boy have been scared. >> the riverside county fire department says they got close to 40 calls for rescue. from people trapped insidef the cars. anthey asked residents to evacuate homes. have you ever seen anything like this? >> never. never. is is just unbelievable. >> these two and check this out. this used to be a driveway now, covered in 3, 4 feet of muz
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>> now this, is what we do. >> a controlled panic. if you live in california it is amazing. ten minutes of rain, and it can happen. it's amazing what can happen. >> so rain moved ou and he vac orders have been lifted and county public works will be out here tomorrow morng to continue the clean up. >> still ahead, a massive clean up underway in onef the largest homeless camps in the country. where can they turn now? >> and a senseless attack in san francisco. what lease are doin now to find killers. >> a bay area man can't get a
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inan jose, crews began dismantling what many believe was the largest homeless encampment in the country the jungle is in the kelly park area, people who le are are being pushe out of their makeshift homes and many don't knowhere they'll go. >> alongside coyote creek, it's been known as the jungle for
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years. >> just like a family we argue, fit, we love each other at the end of the night. >> today was eviction day. a family of nearly 200 gng their separate ways. >> feel host. i'm not going see these people again. it's like my neighborhood. i don't know. hard to feel right now. >> citing unsanitary conditions sh officials say shutting down was a matter of public safety. their attention now shifts to finding people a new plac to live. >> we decided to use 144 people out of the site. we have 55 ready to move into housing. >> dozens of workers in white suit roamed t grounds. the city and water distric expect to spend half a million on clean up. a look at the camp shows how much trash has built up. crews have a lot of work ahead
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of them. for now, resints unsure of what their future holds. >> a lot of us are scared and don't know where to go. and what to do >> it's our human du to hp these people so they can help themselves. we shouldn't givup hope, at l. >> police cleared out a small encampment around berkeley toda sky 7 was overhead when the postal police took awaysome of the tents and asked them t leave. camping is not allowed there. some of the peopleare homeless rest are fighting to keep the government from elling and closing the post office. >> crews used a break in the rain to continue erosion work that wil close southbound lane of highway one between lincoln
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way and slope boulevard. but only monday through friday. they're moving sand from the northern part to shore up the sea wall south of slope boulevard the closures will continue until january. >> check out this landslide. this happened at fort funston. he was walking a dog around 11:00 and caught this video of rocks and now, we get some that wring brings problems >> yes. >> the last six days,guys more rain than we've seen all of 2013 >> is that true? >> yes. >> we saw about three and a half inches >> incredible. >> you can see how much we have to makeup and chances to chip away. so live doppler 7 hd.
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right now, we'll take you outside. a live look you can see fog is rolling in and substantial soaking on the ground. but expect that fir thing in the orning. so forecast does cal for showers overnight tonight. not wide spread. bigger issue will be the fog. we'retracking a cold front moving in friday. heavy rain friday afternoon. right now, strong wendz with temperatures very mild. 60 now in san francisco. 62 in san jose. satellite and radar tracking our next cold front. what it's going to do is tap into moisture. and that rain increases this
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time tomorr. tracng heavy down pours but overnight tonight, first thing in the morning overcast skies, isolated pops of drizzl that greet you for morning it's goi to be evening rush by 4:00 friday, rain developing across the bayarea. and in friday evening, light showers in the north bay. a ance of showers in the region through saturday. by saturday afternoon, drier weather. next round of rai most lower elevations from a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. we can see three inches of rain. so overnht, a mild breeze, lo into mid-50s and with a
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chance of izzle. friday, heavier rain moving in afternoon with sunshine. temperatures into 60s. high of 66 in san jose. so accu-weather forecast says showers tomorrow, perhaps an ace slated lightning strike. a break in th rain saturday night, into sunday. i want focus wednesday into thursday. looks like it might pack a punch like what we saw earlier. >> don't forget, we can look at live doppler sen hd any time. >> yes. all you have to look is the abc7 ather app. >> check that out. just ahead a young man makes a wish for
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my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy. now that i have health insurance, i can take care of myself and my family.
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i was very happy to make my cofirst doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to a dream will come true for a young man. >> the make a wish foundation reached outo the organization here and golden ste warriors. >> if you've had a wish
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fulfille you know how ken feels he's a basketball fanatic. and is hanging ot with his favorite player. >> we met about a year back. he saiwe'll look after you. so that is my wish. >> three years agorent was diagnosed with a re form of lymphoma and given just two weeks to live. his mother showed us this picture and today, he' attend an nba game. >> you found a winning game >>es. i found it. >> they took time to meet trent and mily he's get to see how golden state is golden so far this season
7:27 pm
whereplayers and fans. their winning streak is atacting attention. >> i don look at it as a band wagon, just as people have been coming for 20 years and it's exciting. >> he'll getoo shoot hoops night with his idol. pretty humbling. >> trent learned he's in remission, a miracle. tonight, another wish comes true. in oakland, abc7 news >> and carolyn is at the game now, she's just e mailed us this photo. >> there is more still to come
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here tonight a reaction to the choke hold death of a suspect by a police officer. >> how police i san francisco are goinghe extra miles to catch a pair of killers. >> advance of another sususu
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demonstrators out i force from coast to coast. >> they're protesting a dcision not to indict a white new york police officer who used a choke hold on a black man that later died in custody. >> up 14th street fromity hall, we do have a live picture from boston. this is what police he been just lined up trying to ep protestors from going farther.
7:32 pm
>> it is disruptive. we have video from chicago. it did not hold fo long they flooded the inrsection. >> this is new york. protestors there assembling nea headquarte in manhtan. >> big oups are back out again, tonight. you can see a crowd gathering here and hundreds of officers are out and hopeful tonight stays peacul. the chants of eric garner'sast words through new york city. a decision not to file charges against a police officer that put garner in an apparent choke
7:33 pm
ld for many, reaffirming the believsomething has to change. >> grand jury systems are broken >> the issue that has toe addressed is ming sure people have confidence, that police, law enforcement and prosecutors are serving everybody equally >> the officer shown bringing garner to the ground is suspended,he police unionin defends his actions. >> we feel badly there was a loss of life. mrgarner made a choice that day to resist arrt. >> the nypd is retraining and arting to use body cameras today, at the scene of the deadly confrontation, his mother was adamant tho chges are not enough. >> they had a video that
7:34 pm
represen a body camera. it di nothing. try something else. >> and there is a federal investigation underway. >> attorney genel eric holder had harsh words following the shooting death of a boy with a llet n. someone called police complaining about boy pointing a gun at people. >> we have determined there is reasonable cause to believthe division of public police engaged in a pattern of using excessive force ands a result >> grand jury will decide if
7:35 pm
dharnl charges will be filed. >> contra cta county deputies arrested a registered sex offender. they say he broke into a home and molested a child they tnk there may be more victims. depues say he's listed in the megan's law data base because of a sex conviction. he accused of sexual assaulting a 12-year-old girl in her bay point bedroom. >> police are searching for three men th say beat a hemless person toeath last week in san francisco. officers pleaded for help. >> can you help us find homicide suspec please. >> stopping commuters at montgomery bart station, police and and volunteers passed out pictures from a bloy scene of a killing. believe it or not that is putting it nicely n a press conference tuesd, veteran
7:36 pm
officers described the homicide. >> thiis extremely brutal. a really awful attack. >> the 67-yr-old weighed less than 100 pounds and used crutches the three man ben beating and kicking him. police say he survived the first attack but the suspects came back and finished the murder. >> just a brutal, savge assault. >> investigators hope releasing surveillance video would help someone recognize the kilrs but they took to the streets. police hope they can start spreading the word beyond san francisco back to the communities whe these commuters live. >> we believe the suspect came in tough bart or muni. >> police sa they might have attended an eventalled flask mob.
7:37 pm
>> awful story. >> not the story commuters wanted to hear. >> makes me uneasy. i'm a woman, not that strong. so i won't want that to happen to me. >> if you have information let usknow. >> people just don't want to get involved almost. i can see the point. a lot of kids are carrying guns now. >> they found a thousand dollars in cash sti on the body. >> we want to find the people and get them off the streets. find out why they did what they did. if you know anything? >> abc7 news. >> people inhe philippines are bracing for another super typhoon tonight. 35 million pele live in the projected path the government is prepared. some communities have been
7:38 pm
evacuated. police and military are ready to respond. the government has maps and people with smart phones can now get alerts d realtime inrmation. it is expected to reach the philippines this weekend. >> nasa plans to try again torrow to get it's newest mission off the ground. >> we're scbbed for the day. >> the loss o the space cap tul was delayed twice today. before clubbed because of a malfunctioning valve. it is designed to take astronauts to mars and to explore asteroids when launching a four and a half hour test flight will send 3600 miles into space. space. >> coming up next, birth here's some news you may find surprising.
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a bay area group is hoping to begin clinicalrials on technology they believe could revolutionizbirth control. >> as cheryl jennings reports, it's aim at men. >> for millions of men, condoms areasectomy are the two choices for male birth control. >> just seems crazy but here was a better method. nobody was developing it. >> this birth control advocate heads up a foundation spearheading the develop of a kind of iectable sperm stopper. >> 's like a gel vasectomy. it blocks sperm. >> as seen in this animation, it aejected into the tube that sperm swim through and works like a filter, allowing fluids to pass but not rger sperm. researchers say it's proven effective in preventing
7:43 pm
pregnancy in animal tting but the gel has one more intriguing advantage according to developers. unlike a vasectomy, it is designedo be easily reversible. a second injection is used to dissolve the polymer. they received a grant and raising additional mneys with the goal of concting human trials as early as next year. if approved advocates belve it could revolutionize birth control for men. >> it's reproductive rights issue for men they want to have reliable control over teir own feility. >> well, coming up next, a bay area n wages a personal storage war. >> challenge of getting a refund, unless you have 7 on your sid
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the most frustrating thing about a promise of a refund could be getting the money. >> yes.
7:47 pm
and >> it's an interesting one, too. >> mark takes us to his garage and calls it his man cave. so when he moved in to a mountain view apartment, he decided to rent a storage unit. . >> i wand to keep the tool at home and that is great. >> i went back and said i made the wrg decision they said noproblem. >> he is able to construct shelving leaving room for his
7:48 pm
truck and more. bart says peninsula storage promised a refund within 30 days >> so i waited to see it on my bank statement. i never saw that. >> he said hesked about the refund and got nowhere. mark turned to drums to relief stre over the situation. attempting to get his $140 refund turned into a headache. >> after a minimum of 90 days of frustrion and i didn't know what to do. >> he decided to turn toeven on your side we contacted peninsula storage. the company declined an opportunity toechl plain what happen. the storage >> i slipped thugh the cracks. >> mark is happy he got his refund. >> thank you. i tried so hard to get my money
7:49 pm
back. >> if you have a nsumer problem let me know abt it. and you can see reports right there. >> we ha more rain on the way. i want to show you a beautiful time lapse showi peeks of sunshine here and there. with no showers tracng now. taking a look at waters around equator over a onth, they continue to warm. that is encouraging news. it continues to bring us a chance of above average precipitation in californiand into the winter season. rains in northern california tomorrow. temperatures into 60s across the
7:50 pm
state. so highs for your friday we'll see mi60s across the board and the accu-weather fecast calls for rain tomorrow, and evening into weekend and a stronger stor next week. >> larry beil is here with sports. >> whichquarterback would you take? they square off on sunday in the battle of the bay. sports is coming up next.
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i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to good evening, will mark the first meeting between the teams if you had a chance to pick either one of them today, which
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would you take? now it's kienldf unclear who has theetter fewer. both selected to be the 36th pick. cap loaded with play makers but just can't score two. quarterbacks have similar stats. and kap is twice as many times than any in the league. and that is a concern for defensive linemen. >> you don't want to get out to get man to man coure. so it has to be a team effort.
7:55 pm
and he'll have to hold it longer. >> gr roman met the coordinator since the gm's taughter cticized him on twitter. roman says the tweet suggesting roman take a hike is part of the job. >> i have children and i understand. it's over. and it's not an issue i didn't react in an emotional manner just a matter of fact manner. i understand the things do happen. it's over. >> huge college game in a pack 12 championship. the ducks led by marcus mariota. >> you are talking about a guy
7:56 pm
that won a highs man trophy. i don't know if he can declare it now but he has been a phenomenal player and really good against us. >> saturday, a big day. 9:00 a.m here on abc7, tcu facing iowa state. then, florida state undefeated by the way and georgiaech and acc title game. the war we ares off to their best start in franchise history will put their record and winning stre on the line hosting the new orleans pelicans. three from the final seconds
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helped them beat orlando. this is a mch up. he's got a nice tou. he runs and better every year. so he's going to provide it for us. >> that is steph curr showing off moves in the kitchen. daughter riley making a cameo appearance. isha writes a blogalled little lights of mine
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e exchanges recipes and has her own olive oil but it's entertaining. >> little girl i cute. adorable. >> join us tonight on cable chnel 13. the oldest art said to exist. and that is at 9:00 >> american dream in den yichlt one woman went to fashion design queen. >> how cute is that little girl. >> tonight's line up starts with the taste, followed by how to get away with murder, then, back with abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition. >> if all of us here, we appreciate your time. 'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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